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Crikvenica is located on the Bay of Kvarner in the Adriatic Sea, about 33 km from Rijeka, a major road and rail junction and centre of the Primorje and Gorski kotar region. The Crikvenica Riviera includes Crikvenica itself and a string of smaller resorts such as Selce, Dramalj and Jadranovo. The town stretches about 15 km along the coast and 2 km inland, covering a coastal strip of about 28 square kilometres, and backing onto a mountain ridge rising 300 m above sea-level in the hinterland. The closeness of the airport on the island of Krk, the passenger ferry and cargo ship port of Rijeka, and good road and rail connections to locations all over Central Europe have all contributed to the continuing development of tourism along the Crikvenica Riviera and the tradition of welcoming visitors here which has already been well established for over one hundred years.


- Several sets of steps lead up from the centre of Crikvenica to the belvedere of Kalvarija featuring a statue of Christ and offering a beautiful view of the surrounding area. Nearby a "love path" leads through a tranquil pine wood past ruins of the ancient Badanj fortress, which testifies to the area’s eventful history.
- After the old church of St. Anthony in Gorica Street became to worn out and too small for Crikvenica’s growing population, a bigger and more luxurious church was built over it in the 1930s.
- As the morning hustle gives way to afternoon calm and the warmest temperatures of the day on the streets of our town, it is time to find a place in the shade where you can sit back and listen to the chirping of cicadas or follow the eternal shadows as they play across the walls, trees and surface of the sea.
- In the very heart of Crikvenica an exhibition gallery hosts plenty of interesting exhibitions throughout the year.
- People have been living in the Crikvenica area for thousands of years, and traces of one of Europe’s most ancient tribes, the Liburnians, have been found here. In the Ad Turres settlement, where today's Crikvenica is located, there was an ancient Roman ceramics workshop by Sextus Metilius Maximus, which produced among other things special wine amphoras.
- At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, Crikvenica became, along with Dubrovnik and Opatija, one of the most renowned climatic health resorts on the Adriatic and in the whole Mediterranean area.
- Crikvenica is today a leading holiday resort on the Bay of Kvarner with a population of more than 7,000 and numerous hotels and facilities offering a wide variety of tourist services.
- Crikvenica…a town of distinctive identity and a charming Mediterranean soul…
- In 1412, Duke Nikola IV built a monastery to St. Paul near the ancient church located at the mouth of the small River Dubračina. This marked the beginning of today's town of Crikvenica.
- The Lapidarium and the Atrium are attractive historical premises that host several cultural events throughout the summer.
- Over time the monastery became an interesting combination of old and new, traditional and modern, sacred and urban…
- Tourism in Crikvenica dates back to the late 19th century when swimming baths were opened to the public and the first hotels were built. The town continues to develop according to modern trends while still respecting its tradition reaching back over a century.


- The beautiful beaches of Crikvenica fill visitors with a sense of the primordial beauty of nature and a feeling of contentment that is hard to forget…
- Crikvenica is renowned worldwide for its sandy beach stretching several kilometres along the coastline.
- The beautiful sandy beaches here were created over centuries by the small River Dubračina carrying fine sand from the Vinodol valley and depositing it along the rocky coast around the river estuary.
- Due to cleanness of the seawater, Crikvenica’s beaches have for many years been awarded a Blue Flag, the European symbol for bathing water quality.
- A range of facilities for sports on land and at sea, playgrounds for children, organised competitions…holidaymakers looking for a healthier time and the enjoyment of more active holidays are welcomed here throughout the year.


- Crikvenica and its surrounding area are ideal for many recreational and sporting activities: paragliding, hang-gliding, climbing, hiking, cycling, fishing, jet-skiing…
- The existing sports facilities and beneficial climate make Crikvenica the ideal venue for athletes in training for competition.
- If you long for a holiday far from the pressures of urban life, spend a memorable holiday in Crikvenica with your family and take the opportunity to play with your children or enjoy some outdoor activities.
- Crikvenica harbour is the starting point for numerous boat trips every day throughout the season.
- Beautiful nature and a most beneficial climate characterised by mild winters and warm summers are still fine reasons to visit Crikvenica today, just as they were one hundred years ago.
- The climate here is characterised by warm, dry summers and mild winters with beneficial local breezes.
- For almost half a century, the end of every summer season in Crikvenica has been marked by the traditional Fishermen's Week, a very popular event amongst visitors.
- The beauty and the diversity of its natural environment, stretching from the sea over the green landscapes of neighbouring Vinodol valley up to the continental forest with its preserved flora and fauna make Crikvenica Riviera a very special and attractive destination.


- The importance attached nowadays to balneotherapy, climatotherapy and thalassotherapy in the most prestigious medical centres across Europe has influenced the decisions to open many sanatoriums and health clinics.
- Hiking trails in this region abound in protected plant species, such as yew, globeflower, peony, holly, alpine eryngo, yellow gentian, orange lily, carniolan lily, Croatian barberry and butterfly orchid.
- The work of nature has been continued by human efforts to reclaim additional precious land, thus creating luxurious parks and promenades along the sandy and pebble beaches.
- The scent of the sea and seafood specialities, the sound of local songs, the laughter of tourists and their affable hosts, thousands of fireworks exploding a million colours against the night sky… the Fishermen's Week tradition continues to attract new generations of visitors each year, bringing them back to Crikvenica again and again.

How to get to Crikvenica

By car:
Crikvenica-Zagreb 156 km highway
Crikvenica -Pula 152 km regional road
Crikvenica-Trieste 117 km

By (Rijeka airport 22 km)
By bus:
By train: (to Rijeka 37 km)
Local and international ferry lines: (37 km to Rijeka)

from the sea: 700 m
from the center: 100 m
from the restaurant: 50 m
of sports facilities: 700 m
of shops: 800 m
of entertainment facilities: 700 m
from the post office 800 m
from the change office 500 m
from the gas station 500 m
from the disco 800 m
from the bank 700 m
from the souvenirs 700 m
from the diving center 700 m
from the church 600 m
of fishing 700 m